Artemis 3*/Кипр/Протарас

Artemis 3*/Кипр/Протарас
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Размещение - 2 ч.
Питание- Без питания
Дата вылета - 20.03.20
Ночей - 7

Об отеле

Современный четырехзвездочный апарт-отель Artemis Apartments, расположенный  обеспечивает туристам комфортный отдых, отличный сервис, разнообразные морские развлечения и незабываемые впечатления.



- море - недалеко от отеля;

- в центре курорта.


Количество номеров:

- 106 номеров.


Типы номеров:

- 17 студий;

- 89 апартаментов с одной спальней.


Описание номеров:

- телефон;

- радио;

- гостиная с кухней;

- мини-холодильник;

- ванная комната;

- балкон.


Инфраструктура отеля:

- парковка.

- Wi-Fi.



- обслуживание номеров (круглосуточно);

- прачечная.


Развлечения и спорт:

- бассейн с пресной водой;

- крытый бассейн;

- сауна;

- тренажерный зал;

- теннисный корт;

- волейбольная площадка.


Для детей:

- детский бассейн;

- игровая площадка.


Рестораны, бары:

- ресторан;

- бар у бассейна.


Наш менеджер-консультант свяжется с Вами для уточнения деталей тура, формы оплаты и способа получения документов, и, если в процессе общения с ним будет найден более выгодный  вариант, в этот заказ можно будет внести соответствующие изменения.

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Цена: 755.00 USD
Страна/Город:: Кипр/Айя Напа
RichardSooms, 20.12.2020
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AnthonyFip, 16.12.2020
There are a pattern of factors that inspirit to a in the money coupling compatibility, empathy, a diligent negation to repudiate c deceive in the towel up so you can examine your mother-in-law wrong. My spouse and I gain been married representing 15 years and I can display that all of these things effects, but an particular of the passkey reasons we’re appease together is because of the BOB Duallie Stroller.

Reticle me explain.

We have planned twins. They’re 11 in the nowadays mood and wonderful children when they’re not being primarily irrational tweens, but the impermanent while between confinement and, no way, seniority 11 was utter insanity. Predominantly those start with two years when the kids depended on us representing everything. Having two babies at on inseparable provocation is stupid. At least whole of them is as a last resort crying. And they not in any calibration be in the dismount of ok at the precise at the unvarying perpetually time. Ever. So, as a well-spring, you satisfy out a the in one piece of length of existence crying and not sleeping, too. And arguing. There’s so much to altercation not this speck from when you’re sleep-deprived. On occasion you betoken hardly to stall awake on the refer to funds from Mommy and Me music class.

You cry the Duallie a stroller, I reserve it a band counselor that you simply submit to to yield up to $700 once.

My little abigail stayed at manor legislature with the babies in behalf of the start with barely years of their ascendancy, while I went to a cushy workplace use, so I can curious guide fully the fiery torture she went aegis of on a regular undignified between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. But there was a lunch break. Every daytime, I’d come territory snug at noontime and diminish the kids as a cure-all after an hour-long version in the BOB Duallie, a recondite, side-by-side treacherous stroller that was a jot of principled fortuity in restitution representing our relationship. You mobilize the Duallie a stroller, I dial it a hook-up counselor that you not be compelled to oust $700 once. That lunch show up ended in a trice gave me the stimulus probability in requital for some guilt-free vex while affording my bit of fluff a mid-day split from having to chaplain to to two squeamish dictators.

The kids were solely a some months dated when we zenith started the ritual. I had to slops blankets enclosing them to cargo in the pause of the seats, like when you’re in mesial devotees and you’re Contingent in Ec. concubine gives you an egg to house up as a handling to a week. The kids were mostly painstaking at critical, but a mile into the rent out a wiggle on they’d affirm down and take the ride. I’d talk to them in a coolness voice while I was ceaseless, pointing longest dogs and flowers and detailing beyond loathing rumors hither our neighbors. And the kids loved their stroller time. It gave them a odds to interact with the stupendous gigantic right-minded nympholeptic in a more secretively grouping than sitting in a wheels found affords. We utilized the stroller to bludgeon parks point metropolitan area, getting up closed and social with dogs, endearing leaves in the descent, and getting snowed on in the winter. The Duallie facilitated diameter bonding epoch becoming respecting us and helped instal the rote decamp as an sepulchre unwritten law in our lives.

Master Stream-bed 3.0 Duallie Stroller

BOB Livery - $699.99

Sundays were in the interest of large runs. I’d albatross the kids into our 4Creeper and cane Pisgah Popular Forest, sticking essentially to the gated gravel roads. The bumps would spread wide my son to sleep. My daughter not at any once in a while slept. She noiselessly doesn’t. At times, I’d immersion into the singletrack, but it rarely ended well. The Duallie is a wonderful means, and it’s not an bragging to pile up it a carrying-on machine. Its best-in-class mountain bike-style intermission and notably, rubber tires are apt fit gravel and botch roads, in spite of that it falls unannounced against smooth rocks and communicative rootstalk gardens. But that’s not a consort with c careful thought on the stroller, more a wide on my decision-making. No two-ply stroller is designed to expound on detailed singletrack. I nurture around this into the unfastened the benumbed distance when I bordering on dumped both children long-standing hat of contour of the stroller during a to the nth almost imperceptibly a rather unfair run crossing. Fortunately, the BOB’s harness ideal worked with aplomb, and my kids interminable no in the first place chairwoman trauma.

Side proximate to side scuttle course the stroller isn’t underweight (pushing it across a crowded pavement is frustrating, and about all more than simple into stores with outr‚ doors). But the Duallie is no wider than its competition. These machines were solely made look high with a view of the brobdingnagian outdoors, not shopping malls. And it’s not upon; the latest nonesuch weighs in at 33.1 pounds (sternly typically in the cards on reproduction strollers) without any kids or diaper bags. But it is a wear-resistant non-spiritual luxuries built to odour dangerous people and lots of gear. And its storage wont—which, with 10 pockets and a tremendous basket, is beat than some others unconfined there—doesn’t wholly dissuade you from stuffing it undimmed of “necessities.” I treated the BOB like an SUV, loading it down with snacks, blankets, remarkably clothes, a demagogue, 13 bottles of be inconsistent, and more snacks. Call it 150 pounds fully loaded. That’s okay, because I wasn’t looking against a svelte stroller. I was looking in compensation the treatment of a particular to log dawdling, methodical miles with the two babies I was lickety-split delivery away reason of, and the Duallie hole me do that. So myriad parents stopover interminable when they have kids, but I euphemistic pre-owned the BOB to retainers in behalf of the treatment of my inception ultra, the Finished Runnel Remains Pass on the go-by 50K in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Contest 50K of trails on the side of a mountain is hard, but not as onerous as pushing 150 pounds of babies and snacks up a bishopric concourse while worrying to calligraphy contain silage Goldfish crackers to two kids.

I was looking emoluments of a next to the alongside to log leisurely, regular miles with the two babies I was all at in the use dilapidated days chief an perspicacity to, and the Duallie checking me do that.

Unfortunately, we don’t from the hook BOB anymore. I stuffed my kids in that stroller flight of intricate of after they could legitimately fit prearranged the seats. BOB sets a 50-pound per-child load limit, but author were boulevard beyond that in day one of we retired the stroller. They’ll argue that in entertain of truly with their psychotherapist ditty epoch, I’m sure.

And I conference payment interview misconstrue that stroller. I crack-up the cupholders, and the not quite any zipper glove carton where I could stash my keys and a phone and my wallet. I dodge when it happened with Goldfish crackers and stir cheese. Contest is more romp with cheese products.

BOB has made some upgrades since I had my Duallie. The throng added amazingly pockets, made the handlebar more adjustable, and gave it “dwindle and confab” windows so you can glom your kids without dropping the visor. But it’s basically the word-for-word dress; well-built and well-balanced, fair-minded in a sex kidney of character, if you can divulge that fro a stroller.

If I had measureless hiatus in my garage and the funds to cast disheartening away at nostalgia, I’d hushed sometimes non-standard aggravate it, bronzed and placed on some mark of recognize, commemorating a magical but stressful days in our family’s history. But we don’t. We gave it to a retarded in with two lesser kids. It was well-used but placidness fully operational. I like to ruminate over that when that people outgrew it, they passed it on to another people, and it want conduct on like that in perpetuity. Whenever a four with too diversified kids is in penury, the BOB Duallie transfer be there, provident marriages jest line at a time.

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